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"Life is sweeter when recipes & experiences are shared as we gather around the kitchen table."

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     Here's the scoop on me. I am 50+ woman. Not shy about my exact age but I don't want to have to change the number on this blog every time I have a birthday, which, by the way, is in November. This way I only have to change it every decade. But I digress. I worked as a daily newspaper reporter. I earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri in the 1980s. Yes, I'm old but like to say experienced instead.
After discovering I was more of a doer than spectator, I left journalism for law enforcement. I served as a county probation officer and municipal police officer. I went on to the private sector and worked as a contract security officer, and more recently a background investigator.
I began this blog to showcase my hobbies which include canning, photography, crafting and just creating consumables in the kitchen. I'm not a chef or trendsetter or anyone special. I just enjoy winging it in the kitchen and coming up with tasty results. Recipes on this blog are the best of what I have come up with over the years. I hope you enjoy the postings here as much as I enjoy creating them.
Speaking of creating. I like putting hobbies to work. I am a stock photographer. Always did like taking photos, capturing a unique perspective of ordinary objects and people. My photography will be featured on this blog regularly. Interested in seeing more of my portfolio, check out the links below.

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Welcome to my kitchen table--here, I will share recipes, useful hacks, post topics of interest as well as my life experiences as a mother of an autistic son.

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